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Episode 19


In Episode 19, Carol talks with Bill White, past CEO of Bell and Howell and past chairman of Whitestar Graphics, Inc and now an academic at Northwestern University. Bill’s infectious enthusiasm for developing young leaders and for uncovering the behavioral habits of great management makes for a fun and lively conversation.

In this first part of a two-part interview, you’ll hear about the rise of servant leadership and why there are more humble leaders at the top, an HBR study on what employees are willing to give up in order to have meaningful work, and how board of directors can impact workplace culture.  You’ll also learn how big data analytics can help to create thriving workplaces and what new grads have to teach businesses and vice versa.

Bill White has been a Professor in the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science at Northwestern University for over twenty years. His passion for developing the next generation of leaders has resulted in numerous teaching awards–and a special place in the hearts and minds of current students and alumni.

His most recent book: From Day One: CEO Advice to Launch an Extraordinary Career is targeted to young professionals starting their careers.

Bill White knows of what he speaks and writes. In addition to his time at Bell and Howell and Whitestar, he held executive positions with USG, Mead, and Hartmarx Corporations. He has served on the board of nine public companies and several startups, including The Reader’s Digest Association, USG, Harris Bank, and the Chicago Stock Exchange. He currently is on the board of the National Association of Corporate Directors.


For more information on Bill please visit his website: http://myextraordinarycareer.com/

Or email him: white@northwestern.edu


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