Hone your superpowers

Download the Emotional Fitness Toolkit

You have a superpower and it's been with you since the day you were born. Chances are, you've been discouraged from using it, so you buried it deep within you.  What is it?

Your emotions.

More specifically, your ability to feel all of your feelings, is the portal to creativity, aliveness and empowerment. You have access to more of you--both head and heart--when you allow your emotions to be a part of your human experience. This is Emotional Fitness.

Emotional Fitness focuses on changing your internal world, so that your presence positively impacts others.  With Emotional Fitness, you will:

  • Be a more potent leader, at work and in life
  • Make better decisions
  • Strengthen relationships with colleagues, staff, bosses, family and friends

With the Emotional Fitness Toolkit, you'll get everything you need to harness the power and wisdom of emotions.  The Toolkit includes:

  • The Tiers of Emotion (a map of 21 emotions)
  • Instructions on determining your Emotional Comfort Zone
  • Daily practices to shift how you experience the world--and how others experience you

Click the image below to instantly download the Toolkit and begin to tap into the Leader's Superpower. No email required.