Emotionally Fit Leaders

Integrity. Resiliency. Humanity. At Work.

Many business leaders don’t know how to work with their emotions productively, resulting in harm to others and themselves.

When leaders become emotionally fit, they lead with integrity, stay grounded in chaotic environments, and turn toxic workplaces into thriving ones.

That’s humanity at work.

How emotionally fit are you? 

How many of these situations have you Experienced?
  • An executive who belittles and berates employees
  • A star employee (e.g., technical guru, financial whiz) who no one wants to be around because he is temperamental
  • A direct report who shuts down emotionally in a performance review and just wants to know what to do to improve
  • A manipulative, fear-based colleague who decides it’s better to go it alone, rather than collaborate with others
  • An anxious micro-manager who believes that if you want to get it done right, you have to do it yourself

In each of these cases, the leader is lacking Emotional Fitness, resulting in negative impact to himself/herself, fellow employees and the organization’s culture.

The good news is that, like physical fitness, you can improve your emotional fitness, through a structured and intentional practice.

Sadly, It Doesn’t Just Happen At Work

Strategies for handling emotions spill into the rest of life.  In addition to a colleague bearing the brunt of your anger, your kids experience it, too. After numbing yourself at work, you find it just as easy to disconnect from your spouse.  An overwhelming workload that fuels martyr with co-workers becomes a way to punish your friends as well.

What is at stake is not just a leader’s effectiveness, but a life well-lived. Emotional fitness matters--for leaders, organizations, families, and communities.

Are your emotions:
  • Self-sabotaging or nourishing?
  • Threatening or supportive?
  • Banished or welcomed?

The answer says a lot about your leadership effectiveness.  

Listen to a six-time entrepreneur, Mitch, talk about his journey to emotional fitness, starting with a wake-up call and ending with a better version of himself. Now, as an emotionally fit leader, Mitch is a wayshower in shifting workplaces from a place of domination to a place of connection and partnership. 

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