Teaser for Episode 15

In Episode 15, Host Carol Ross speaks with Gaye Woods, System Director of Community Benefit at SCL Health. Her mission within is to positively impact the overall health of SCL Health Communities across three states, with a focus on vulnerable populations. Previous experience includes leadership roles in program management, strategy, management consulting, and compliance. Over the span of her career, Gaye has received recognition from organizations such as the Clinton Foundation, American Public Health Association, NIH, Colorado Health Foundation, Black Enterprise, and Huffington Post. Her six-word memoir is, “small-town girl creating good deeds.” In their lively conversation, Gaye and Carol explore the role of health on a micro and macro level, from changes in the healthcare industry due to ACA compliance to normalizing and destigmatizing mental health conversations in the workplace. Listen in for an in-depth look at how leaders can serve their communities through a holistic worldview and an emphasis on the power of differing perspectives.

Gaye Woods on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gayewoods

Gaye Woods’ Email: cofitwell@gmail.com


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