Dr. Home Ngyuen (Episode 4)

Sacred Conversation On Work episode four is a special bonus episode, and is a continuation of the previous show, so you may wish to start there if you haven’t already listened to episode 3.

In this episode, host Carol Ross continues her conversation with Dr. Home Ngyuen, the founder of the MindKind Institute. The two dive into the practices that make leaders of organizations successful at not only incorporating mindfulness in their personal/professional lives but also within the organizations they lead.

Listen in to find out the benefits of coming out “spiritual being in the workplace,” and learn a powerful exercise Home uses with his executive clients to bring them more in touch with their emotions. Get advice from Home on how to deal with some common challenges that may arrive in your own meditation practice, and find out why it is so important to be able to maintain a mindfulness mindset in the business world.

Find out more about Home’s work at his website: www.mindkindinstitute.com

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