Dr. Home Nguyen (Episode 3)

In the third episode of Sacred Conversation On Work host Carol Ross speaks with Dr. Home Nguyen, the founder of the MindKind Institute. He is a certified executive coach, and earned his Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership from Teachers College, Columbia University.  He received his coaching certification with the International Coaches Federation (ICF) and with the Coaches Training Institute. Additionally, Home has taught courses on Self-Awareness Training, Interpersonal Group Dynamics, and Adult Development at Columbia Business School and Yale School of Management.

In this not-to-be-missed conversation, Home shares his incredible life story and shares how he went from being a teenage refugee escaping the communist regime to a challenging 10-day silent meditation to becoming a leading mindfulness researcher and coach in America.

Home also shares deep life lessons he learned after dropping out of college and starting a theater company called Club O’ Noodles Theater Company in Los Angeles. He used this company to help refugees, gay men with HIV/AIDS, and people traumatized from war to heal through performance. One of the most pivotal learnings during this period for Home was the importance of working from a place of love. If you think it is too late to begin again, you need to listen to this podcast.

(The conversation with Home is continued in a special bonus episode, episode 4).

Find out more about Home’s work at his website: www.mindkindinstitute.com

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