Bryan Ungard (Episode 10)

Sacred Conversations about Work
Episode 10

On this bonus episode, host Carol Ross speaks again with Bryan Ungard, Chief Purpose Officer for Decurion Management Company. Bryan unpacks a common misconception about how to establish a flourishing company culture; rather than developing policies and practices from on high and expecting results, it is necessary to look deeper into what a flourishing culture is based upon, the structures and processes. It requires a broadening of awareness on an individual level, this awareness makes decisions responsive to the emotional well being of the group as well as traditional business maneuvering. The specific practices designed to shape the culture are effective only when refined and resting atop the structures and process that form the culture of the company. Bryan’s insights into business success are based upon 30 years of management experience and they are profound; listen to learn about the proper use of “I” statements, the true definition of vulnerability and the emotional skills necessary for long term success.

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