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Lack of emotional fitness in the workplace creates chaos and drama--for individuals, teams and organizations. That means lost productivity, drained energy, and squandering of precious time. Trying to "wait it out" doesn't work and only makes the day-to-day interactions more painful. 

I can help.

Stop the struggle and reclaim a sense of calm.

Read on to explore options for working together. If you don't find what you need, contact me for a customized solution. 

Emotional Fitness Coaching

Joy + Freedom

1:1 coaching is the quickest way to help leaders become emotionally fit.  Similar to becoming physically fit, emotional fitness requires more than just knowing what to do. It requires consistent practice doing the right things, with the right feedback.

Over time, leaders learn to recognize what they are feeling, “catch themselves” from going to an ineffective place (e.g., defensiveness), channel their emotions productively, and then re-engage others, with more power and clarity.   The result is more freedom and joy, because you are being your best self, no matter the circumstances. 

Ready to get pointed in the right direction? I start with a complimentary consultation, where you will gain an understanding of your current emotional fitness. I’ll outline clear next steps to create the change that you are desiring.

If you are an HR professional seeking coaching for an employee, please click here to contact me. We’ll discuss your needs to see how best I can help.

Clients say...
Kelly Resser

As a result of coaching with Carol, I have a deep understanding of the integral role my emotions play in how effectively I “show up” as a leader. Being able to identify and fully experience my emotions as a legitimate part of my humanity has been incredibly liberating. It has improved my ability to connect authentically with others and increased my leadership capacity.

I now understand my power to positively influence any situation--simply by being present and grounded in my own well-being.

Becoming emotionally fit has been life-changing for me. I highly recommend this process. It definitely makes a difference!”

Kelly Reeser

Executive Director of Education, Peak to Peak Charter School

I knew I needed help with career issues that were affecting my personal life. Through Carol's skillful coaching and leadership I am now able to navigate the twist and turns that come my way. I am confident that I have the tools to deal with adversity, learn from it and in fact, become a better leader and person as a result of it.

Rick Savely

President, Savely Healthcare Architects
Susan Penny Brown

Carol delivers results faster than any other approach I’ve tried to understand myself. Within just a month, she guided me to the core of an issue that had been getting in my way for decades.

Carol, thank you so very much. You changed my life forever.

Susan Penney Brown

Tech Executive Turned Entrepreneur

Emotional Fitness for Leadership Teams

Create Your Dream Team

I work with leadership teams to develop their emotional fitness. Having an emotionally fit team means more creativity and courage for addressing complex challenges, better decisions when the stakes are high, and faster execution in the face of chaos.  Your team will learn tools and practices for building and maintaining emotional fitness.

What else can you expect?  Increased employee engagement. Workplaces take their cue from the top. When an executive team is operating with emotional fitness, it sends a signal to the entire organization. Behaviors that create fear and anxiety (e.g., manipulation, intimidation, bullying) will no longer be tolerated. Without the usual dose of stress-inducing emotions, employees can blossom, grow, and take the risk to be more of themselves at work.

After an initial discovery phase to understand the team, we’ll co-create a year-long interactive program that creates connection and trust among team members, while fitting the busy schedules of executives.  

Clients say...

At the core of any strong team is a foundation of trust. When trust issues are part of the organization’s history, it makes it especially difficult for executive leadership to be effective. That’s the challenge we presented to Carol. She worked with senior executives across multiple sessions to learn new skills, such as addressing the needs of the follower, and to gain insights on how the culture of the organization evolved from its inception to today, based on past leadership behavior. We uncovered our own deep-seated, often unconscious behaviors, that then impacted the broader organization. As a result of our work with Carol, our executive team is better equipped to collaborate across the organization, with more transparency and trust, even tapping into shared reward systems. 

Tech Company Executive

Boulder, CO

Emotional Fitness Workshops & Keynotes

Empower your staff/audience

Topics that will help your audience immediately and put them on the path to emotional fitness:

  • The Leader’s Superpower: Emotional Fitness
  • The Secrets of a Drama-Free Workplace
  • Well-Being in the Midst of Strong Emotions
  • Making Hard Decisions, With Ease

Don’t see what you need? I can customize a presentation or workshop based on the audience. Click here to contact me.

Check out both content and style. Listen to two of my recorded presentations, sponsored by the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business and Northwestern University:

Whether I’m working with an audience of 50 or 500, I relish the opportunity to create an experience that inspires, educates, and moves people into action. Having presented on dozens of topics, in-person and virtually (via webinar), to thousands of professionals, I am a seasoned presenter who knows how to engage an audience.  

Clients say...
cassie, linkedin

Carol's webinars on emotional fitness are not just about providing information. They are about providing hope for those feeling the stress and anxiety of working through career challenges or life transitions. Webinar attendees stated they clearly have a better idea of how to handle and use some of their emotions brought on by stress. They felt optimistic that they had more resources to tackle their challenges. These tools benefit both personal and professional lives.

Carol Ross is easy to work with and is a true professional. Her presentations have a lasting impact on the audience.

Cassie Petosky

Associate Director, Alumni Engagement, Northwestern University

Emotional Fitness: A Client Story

Tim's Story

Watch this video of Tim Wise, a professional in Supply Chain Management. You'll learn how developing emotional fitness is the key to being a better leader and manager, as well as a better husband, father, and friend. Among other things, Tim talks about reclaiming his weekends and the positive impact he has had on his team.