What does it take to have an open heart to everything?

Life has been upended. Kids are home from school. Kitchen tables serve as remote workplaces. Living rooms are the new gym. Wash your hands and wash some more.

What can help you ease into a new normal?

Now is the time to bring more compassion into the world—for yourself, your family, and your community.

Now is the time for Radical Compassion.

In addition to helping you adjust to a new normal more quickly and with more ease, Radical Compassion can help you:

  • Forgive yourself and others
  • Interact smoothly with challenging individuals
  • Break through “here we go again” situations

Compassion is a powerful emotion that can transform pain, heal wounds, and create connection. And yet, it can get lost in the busyness of daily life.

When you can slow down to tune into your heart, compassion comes naturally. 

In this virtual community experience, you will:

  • Step out of the chaos to reconnect to what really matters
  • Learn tools for self-compassion and for compassion for others
  • Connect with like-minded individuals in a rich and meaningful way
  • Practice compassion in a supportive and respectful environment
  • Experience the wonder and magic of compassion

Program Overview:

Radical Compassion for Everyday Living

Session 1: Self-Compassion Comes First

Session 2: Compassion for The Person on the Street

Session 3: Compassion for People You Don’t Like, Part 1

Session 4: Compassion for People You Don’t Like, Part 2

Session 5: Courage, Understanding, and Acceptance

Session 6: Forgiveness and Self-Love


Radical Compassion for Everyday Living equips you to have greater ease and flow—at work, at home, in your community. It is a reset to slow down, rejuvenate, and experience the resonance of your heart.

This is a virtual program. Learn via sharing and conversation with participants, using Zoom video and audio.

This program is ideal for anyone who wants more compassion in their lives, for themselves and others, and more ease and grace in adjusting to a new normal. The program will be led by two seasoned coaches with a shared passion for compassion, Carol Ross & Angela Trainor.

Mondays: 3/16, 3/30. Wednesdays: 4/8, 4/15, 4/22, 4/29. 1pm ET/noon CT/11am MT/10am PT. All sessions will be 55 minutes long.

Can’t make all the sessions? No problem. All sessions will be recorded.

BONUS SESSION on 3/23, 1pm ET/noon CT/11am MT/10am PT. If you missed the first session on 3/16, no worries. We'll cover the same topic, Self-Compassion, during this bonus session. 

jeanine round

Carol Ross inspires me with the depth of her compassion in the face of adversity and conflict. She can lovingly respond to the most difficult circumstances, including interacting with others who lash out from emotional pain. 

Last year she navigated physical pain and emotional upset. With that experience, her self-compassion expanded and took root. You will be served by Carol’s beauty, tenderness and understanding of many, often painful, twists and turns of the human journey.

Jeanine Mancusi

CPPC, Co-Director Lucid Living, Co-Owner Coaching Transformation

Program Leaders

Carol Ross

Carol Ross is a leadership coach who specializes in helping changemakers become emotionally fit. As an engineer for nearly 20 years, she suppressed and dismissed her emotions, unaware of the negative impact on her mind, body, and spirit. Now, in her 17th year as a coach, she knows that the heart is your best ally, professionally and personally. Carol's advice has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, US News and World Report and Whole Living. She is a regular presenter for the Northwestern University Alumni Association. Carol hosts the podcast, Sacred Conversations on Work. Find out more at

Carol holds degrees in Chemical Engineering and Industrial Engineering from Northwestern University. She received her coaching credential from the Co-Active Institute and has done advanced coaching training with Newfield Network, Center for Right Relationship and Lucid Living. She lives near Boulder, Colorado with her husband and college sweetheart, Chip.

Angela Trainor

Angela Trainor is a leadership coach who believes compassion is the answer to every question. It’s been a winding road for her to discover and claim this. She spent 20 years working hard to fit in, burned out multiple times, and grazed on a steady diet of suppressing her emotions and hiding her gifts. This took a toll on her mind, body and spirit. Coaching cleared the path for her to experience vulnerability, an open heart and intuition as the core of her power. Now in her 5th year as a coach, she specializes in helping seekers and bright lights unburden themselves from limiting stories and patterns, feel a greater range of emotions, and claim their passion. Her greatest joy is to see clients come out of hiding and shine as leaders in all areas of life.

Angela holds a Bachelor of Public Relations from Mount Saint Vincent University and received coach training from the Co-Active Institute, Center for Right Relationship and Lucid Living. She is an Akashic Records consultant. Angela also spent 20 years elevating potential in people, teams and products in organizations as a marketer, communicator, fundraiser and recruiter in corporate, post-secondary and non-profit organizations in Canada.

In addition to serving individuals and teams with her coaching practice, Angela trains new coaches as a Faculty Member at the Co-Active Institute. Find out more on LinkedIn here.

She lives in Manhattan with her husband, Sanjay, and their puppy, Monte.

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