Mastering Emotional Resiliency

Heeding the call to shine as a Wayshower

The Dream

You are ready to master emotional resiliency because you:

  • Have a deep knowing or curiosity about your Soul's purpose. You are eager to do the work you are meant to do.
  • Feel the magic of working with emotions and cultivating emotional fitness. You yearn to create healthy workplaces and help leaders and teams increase creativity, resiliency, and productivity.
  • Envision yourself serving more deeply, with an empowered presence, rooted in compassion, understanding, and tenderness. You long to have the emotionally-based tools "in your bones."

The Reality

The world is in chaos. The pain is palpable.  Anxiety, fear, anger and resentment are pervasive. You can get sucked into all of it, maybe even triggered into righteousness or self-loathing.

And you are a Great Story coach, ready to elevate your resonance, bringing light to humanity in dark times. Choosing connection is possible, even when the seduction to separate is strong.

It also might be that you:

  • Are dissatisfied with the level of impact that you are having.
  • Know that with powerful mentors, your confidence can expand to new levels.
  • Have not made it a priority to integrate the Great Story tools for your life and your clients, until now.
  • Are ready to make a commitment to your personal growth, by cultivating emotional fitness.
  • Want more clients who are willing to dive in, for the sake of a profound breakthrough.
  • Need some simple and effective ways to develop emotional resiliency, for yourself and your clients.
Deep down, you know the way forward is in community with others.

With seen and unseen resources, you are never alone.

Mastering Emotional Resiliency

Creating Resilient Leaders, Organizations, and Communities Through Your Expanded Presence

In this 6-month program, you can expect to:

  • Become "emotionally fit".  And help others do the same.
  • Grow your mastery with coaching emotions. Become more agile in applying the Lucid Living tools inside organizations.
  • Gain new tools in Emotional Fitness. Learn to apply them with clients.
  • Elevate your resonance. Create a coaching presence in which you work with ease.
  • Develop greater confidence. Experience hands-on training and feedback with actual individual and organizational clients.
  • Go deep with a tribe that gets you, champions you, and celebrates you.  Expand your vulnerability.
  • Have a place to get brilliant support, whether it's around client situations or your Negative Ego.
  • Find partners and collaborators to complement you. Experience the joy and ease of working together.
  • Discover a powerful way to serve the world, using a simple and elegant structure. Embrace an abundance of opportunities.

"Since becoming emotionally fit, I have so much more ease and freedom. I am no longer a prisoner to my emotions. I have more confidence in myself. I have greater sense of who I am--knowing what I want and how I want to live my life."

Practice & Feedback as the Cornerstone

This program is more than a training. It's a launchpad for you to fulfill your purpose and give your greatest contributions, at a time when your brilliance is increasingly needed in the world. The applied nature of this program will bolster your confidence to create significant impact with your clients and a thriving business. 

silhouette of road signage during golden hour
Phase 1

Phase one is a practicum to build your emotional fitness. In this high-touch, customized experience of coach training and being coached, you'll step into Individuality, Freedom and Authority. You will use daily check-ins as coach and as client over the course of three months. Repetition builds habit, which results in ease and sustainability.

As client, you will partner with another participant who is a trained coach. As coach, you will get feedback on your coaching skills via three supervisions by one of the program leaders. 

Phase 2

Phase two is hands-on training, using emotional fitness tools and structures with actual clients. You will co-lead a total of three Resiliency Circles (TM), virtual gatherings of up to 30 participants, with a program leader and with one of your fellow participants. You will co-lead one of the Resiliency Circles for an organizational client who we have partnered with. After co-leading, you will get specific feedback that can be immediately put into practice.

As a follow-up to a Resiliency Circle, there will be an opportunity to practice doing an "emotional check-in" with individual participants of a Resiliency Circle. 

You'll also learn how to market and tailor your own Resiliency Circle (TM), with hands-on guidance.

During Phases 1 and 2, you'll also be trained on using bespoke emotional fitness tools (e.g., Emotional Fitness Assessment, energetic clearing) with individual and group clients.

louise_Poisson min

"The daily check-ins are magical, precious and powerful moments! At first, it appeared to be a huge task: I had a very busy schedule. I just did not know how was I was going to fit it in. Now, the benefits have been so abundant that it would be nonsense for me to stop doing the check-ins.

The morning check-in is a clever way to start my day on the right foot and to impact the rest of the day, in a positive way. I prepare the ground to be efficient and centered for the day. I am intentional about co-creating my reality and being on purpose. The evening check-in connects me to what matters most, which is my spiritual journey. It helps me see clearly, providing deep meaning in my daily life. There is magic in this process!"

Louise Poisson, CPCC, PCC
Montreal, Canada

More About the Practicum

During the practicum, you will have daily check-ins, 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening, five days a week. You'll partner with another participant, either as coach or client for six weeks and then switch roles for another six weeks. Using a unique set of questions for morning and evening check-ins, you can expect the following results:

  • As coach, you'll gain integrated coaching skills around emotions and "younger selves", and enjoy unconscious competence.
  • As coach, you'll have more adeptness to work with resonance as you deepen your unique grounded presence.
  • As client, you'll awaken to new levels of awareness of your "younger selves", so that you can heal them.
  • As client and coach, a transformational shift in your resonance will allow you to serve in a profound way and attract the clients you want.

And, after the practicum, you'll have a new high-impact offer for your clients. Win-win!

gray concrete road surrounded by trees during daytime
gray concrete road surrounded by trees during daytime

The best way through is together.

A Powerhouse Community

When you sign up, you will become part of an intimate community of professionals with shared values, and a diversity of talents, skills and experiences.  These are kindred spirits, eager to have more meaningful impact.

This program is limited to 10 people, who are committed to elevating their emotional fitness and dedicated to normalizing emotions in workplaces, communities, and families. We welcome leaders who are ready to serve in this courageous and transformational way.

Participants will be resources for each other.  No one person "has it all".  And multiple perspectives, talents, experiences make each of us better in our work. We are calling in a powerhouse of coaches who have a spirit of generosity.

What to Expect

The First 12 Weeks

The Practicum

This work follows a proven structure and model. For six weeks, you will coach a participant to help her/him develop emotional fitness. For another six weeks, you will receive coaching from a participant to develop your own emotional fitness.  As client, you'll be able to see your progress via an emotional fitness assessment, taken before the six weeks of being coached and then taken afterward. 

The practicum will require a commitment of 5-7 hours per week over the course of three months (six weeks as coach, six weeks as client).

As coach, the practicum will also include three coaching supervisions. Working with a program leader, you'll learn to work more powerfully with emotions and get feedback to immediately put into practice.

After the practicum, you will be ready to bring your expanded presence and knowledge of emotional fitness into co-leading Resiliency Circles.

The Next 12 Weeks

Resiliency Circles

During the second half of the program, you will co-lead three Resiliency Circles, a virtual group call with up to 30 people, lasting for an hour. In the Resiliency Circle, you'll follow an elegant and powerful structure for helping participants practice mindfulness, emotional awareness, and self-compassion. We will also teach you how to prepare yourself in mind, body, and spirit, directly before a Circle and then, after a Circle, how to create clear space for yourself.

With two of the Resiliency Circles, you will be co-leading with a program leader. One of these two Circles will be delivered to employees of a partnering organizational client. In the third Resiliency Circle, you will be co-leading with another participant. 

Twice Each month

Live Group Calls

In addition to the work you will do with your fellow participants during the practicum and  the Resiliency Circles, we will gather regularly over 6 months, starting in October 2020 and concluding in March 2021.

Get ready for vibrant, live calls, twice a month.  Each call is led by two program leaders who are versed in the Lucid Living tools and the emotional fitness tools, as well as the practicalities of applying these tools. 

Group Calls will Feature
  • An emotional "Check-in" using the Tiers of Emotion. This reinforces a habit that will create sustainability and ease.
  • Training on bespoke Emotional Fitness Tools, including: Daily Check-Ins, Emotional Fitness Assessment, Emotional Fitness Model, energetic clearing. You'll learn how to use these tools for developing emotional fitness in leaders, for creating a compelling need for this work inside companies, and for enhancing your sustainability in delivering this work.
  • Support and debrief for the practicum (first three months) and the Resiliency Circle (second three months). This is your place to ask questions and get coaching. 
  • Marketing, enrollment, and delivery of a Resiliency Circle and beyond. We'll guide you through our process of finding groups that are ready for a Circle, connecting with potential sponsors of a Circle, and working with a sponsor in a seamless manner.  In addition to opening your eyes to the impact that you can have in the world, you'll get the nuts and bolts of delivering a Circle.  We will give you ideas on how to apply the Resiliency Circle format to create an ongoing program for companies, community groups, and families. 
Call Dates & Times

Planning Your Time

The call dates in 2020:
October 21 and 28, November 4 and 18, December 2 and 16

The call dates in 2021:
January 6 and 20, February 3 and 24, March 3, 17, and 31

  • All group calls start at 1pm Eastern/noon Central/11am Mountain/10am Pacific.
  • All calls will be recorded in case you miss the live call.

When you start the program, you will be matched with a partner for the practicum and asked to set up a daily coaching schedule with your partner. The practicum will require a commitment of 5-7 hours per week over the course of three months.

Your Resiliency Circle (TM) co-lead dates will be scheduled in the second half of the program.

aerial view of green trees and road during daytime
aerial view of green trees and road during daytime
jeanine mancusi

"The Resiliency Circle is a powerful resource that will help you serve your clients in this time of incredible change in our world. In attending a Resiliency Circle, I was inspired by my own experience of pausing in my day to deeply connect to my emotions. It was moving and healing to participate in a circle with others. I experienced, first-hand, the power of this work and the transformative grace in the Resiliency Circle."

Jeanine Mancusi, CPCC, MCC
Co-Director of Lucid Living

Bonus #1

Individual coaching session with Carol Ross ($450 value).  Use your coaching session to support you with what you need, when you need it.  Whether it's gaining confidence in bringing emotional fitness into your coaching practice or working through fears about taking this into organizations or brainstorming on new service offerings. Use this coaching session any time during the 6-month program. 

sun reflection on calm water near green mountains

Bonus #2

The Anxiety Toolkit and training to use ($1000 value). Who could use this now? Everyone. This is a powerful tool to help clients manage and reduce anxiety, using simple, yet profound steps. 

sun reflection on calm water near green mountains
170811_Motta badge pictures

Working with a coach to decrease my stress and anxiety put me in a better place to deal with the daily challenges that come from a fast-paced workplace and raising a family. My sleep improved. I was able to find more centeredness and peace. I developed a stronger connection with those around me. I didn’t fully comprehend the benefits until I actually worked with a coach. All spheres of my life have been positively impacted, including family, work, and friendships.

-Roberto Motta

What is the Value of this Package?

Monthly Group Calls

$450 x 6 months

Emotional Fitness Coaching

3 months as both coach & client

Coaching Supervisions

3 times during the practicum

Resiliency Circle Co-Leads

3 co-leads, one with a partnering organizational client, & feedback afterward

Anxiety Toolkit

The toolkit + other custom material

Private Coaching Session

1-hour coaching session with Carol Ross


Your Investment for this 6-Month Program: $5997

Payment Plan Option:
$1297 upon signup + 5 monthly payments of $997

Registration Process

Mastering Emotional Resiliency is limited to 10 participants.

If you are interested in the program, we'll begin with a short call to answer all of your questions and determine if the program is a fit for you.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Checks.

Meet Your Program Leaders

We are passionate about humanity at work. Why? Because we’ve all been there, whether it’s as an EAP director, a communications guru for executives, a marketing manager, or an engineering geek. Now, in our second (and third!) careers as seasoned leadership coaches, we see the potential for using both heart and mind, for cultivating compassion and community, for developing whole human beings, in addition to promising leaders. We want more resilient and emotionally fit leaders. Having traveled the road (with lots of bumps!) to be resilient and emotionally fit ourselves, we know it’s a trip worth taking. 

Click images to read bios

  • Carol Ross

    Carol Ross is the founder of  She is a leadership coach, writer and speaker with a passion for bringing humanity into the workplace, through emotional fitness. As an engineer for nearly 20 years in the nuclear power (Exelon) and telecommunications (Lucent Bell Labs) industries, she suppressed and dismissed her emotions, unaware of the negative impact on her mind, body, and spirit. A coach since 2003, she knows that the heart is your best ally, professionally and personally.

    Carol's advice has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, US News and World Report and Whole Living. She is a regular presenter for the Northwestern University Alumni Association. She has addressed various gatherings around the US including the Net Impact Conference and the Texas Conference for Women. Carol hosts the podcast, Sacred Conversations on Work. Corporate clients have included Caterpillar, Wells Fargo, Accenture, Cable Labs, Avaya, and Nelnet. Her non-profit clients have included a nationally ranked K-12 charter school.  

    Carol holds degrees in Chemical Engineering and Industrial Engineering from Northwestern University. She received her coaching credential from the Co-Active Institute and has done advanced coaching training with Newfield Network, Center for Right Relationship and Lucid Living.

    She lives near Boulder, Colorado with her husband and college sweetheart, Chip. Together, they delight in seeing their two millennial sons launched and thriving.  

    Read more of Carol's story here.

  • Irv Kooris

    Irv Kooris is a leadership coach and therapist with 35 years’ experience in the field of Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), counseling and behavioral healthcare. He has been a clinician, supervisor and senior manager positions in both the private and public sector of mental health.

    Irv has assisted large corporations, including The Home Depot and Raytheon, during times of crisis and uncertainty as a key member of crisis management teams. Throughout his career, he has been instrumental in the development and execution of crisis response programs.  The nature of these crises ranged from natural disasters (Hurricane Katrina, Oklahoma tornadoes) to terrorism (9/11), large downsizings, and potential pandemics (H1N1, Ebola). In all these and many more, Irv, his team, and vendors provided emotional first aid and then helped employees, their families and communities heal and become more resilient. Recognizing and acknowledging emotions was a critical factor in the recovery of people and the organizations where they worked.

    Irv is a certified coach through the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI). Ever the curious learner, he has completed advanced coaching training through Lucid Living. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Sciences from Antioch College and a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Boston University. He has completed doctoral level courses and internships in Counseling Psychology at Boston University. Additionally, Irv has advanced training in Internal Family Systems, Mindful Based Stress Reduction, Solution Focused Therapy, and Gestalt Therapy. As a lifelong learner, Irv continues to find opportunities to enhance his skills and knowledge.

    Irv lives in Atlanta, Georgia and enjoys spending time with his amazing wife, Allyn, and playing with his grandsons. He delights in being on the water, paddling around in the kayak that he built, or taking a long bike ride on a country road.

    Find out more about Irv at

  • Angela Trainor

    Angela is a leadership coach who believes compassion is the answer to every question.  Compassion instills humanity in our work, community and family systems. She’s traveled a winding road to discover and claim this.  Angela spent 20 years working hard to fit in, burned out multiple times, and grazed on a steady diet of suppressing her emotions and hiding her gifts. This took a toll on her mind, body and spirit. Coaching helped her to claim vulnerability, an open heart and intuition as the core of her power.

    Now in her 5th year as a coach, she specializes in helping seekers and bright lights unburden themselves from limiting stories and patterns, feel a greater range of emotions, and claim their passion.  Her greatest joy is serving clients to trust in the wisdom of their heart and instinct and partnering with them to shine as leaders in all areas of life.

    Angela holds a Bachelor of Public Relations from Mount Saint Vincent University and received coach training from the Co-Active Institute (CTI), Center for Right Relationship and Lucid Living. She is a graduate of CTI’s 10-month long Leadership program. She spent 20 years elevating potential in people, teams, brands and products in organizations as a communicator, marketer, fundraiser and recruiter. Her organizational experience spans corporate, post-secondary education and non-profit, including Bell Aliant, Manulife Financial, CTV News Atlantic, Dalhousie University and Alzheimer Canada.

    In her spare time, Angela trains new coaches as a Faculty Member at The Co-Active Institute. Find out more at

    With her husband, Sanjay, and their puppy Monte, Angela splits her time between the beauty of her beloved, rural Nova Scotia and the excitement and high energy of her adopted home, Manhattan.

  • Justine Williams

    Justine Williams is a leadership coach who specializes in building emotional resiliency. With more than 20 years of corporate communications practice in the U.S. and the U.K., experiencing challenges such as Hurricane Harvey in Texas, she understands what it feels like to lead people through crises.

    Crises can be chaotic. Justine helps leaders become more familiar with their own saboteurs so they can remain present and responsive through discomfort and are able to stay in relationship with the teams who need them. She believes that leaders who develop a deeper self-awareness and know how to foster compassion among their people will create greater health and success for themselves and those they touch.

    Justine has a strong track record in leading communication teams in the energy and telecommunications industries (Orange, Centrica, and Direct Energy), including ten years in oil and gas in Houston, Texas. She and her team have received industry awards including the Corporate Executive Board (CEB) Lean Team of the Year for achieving exceptional results; as well as an International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Silver Quill for excellence in communicating company vision and business strategy that is regularly featured as a best-practice case study.

    Justine holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and Communication Studies from Huddersfield University, U.K. She is a certified coach through the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) and has completed advanced coaching training with Lucid Living. She is a graduate of CTI’s 10-month long Leadership program and currently studies with Philip Shepherd, a recognized international authority on presence and embodiment.

    Living in the U.K. with her partner Paul, and his two lovely boys, Justine and her family are looking forward to welcoming a new puppy.

    Find Justine on


If you are ready to have more fun, while experiencing more success in pursuing your heart's desire, now is the time to jump in. This program will be infused with magic and mystery, for a select group of kindred spirits.

We start the journey on October 21.