High Emotional Fitness

Score:  56-70

Congratulations!  You are skilled at working through the emotional ups and downs of everyday life, in a way that leads to continuous personal growth and healing.  It’s rare that you get derailed--and when you do, it’s momentary. You are able to self-regulate with ease. You notice when others ruminate or misdirect their emotions at others. It’s likely you are comfortable feeling your emotions and use them as data. Because of your emotional fitness, people view you as trustworthy.

Here are some ways to further increase your emotionally fitness:

  • Schedule daily time for solitude to practice the Prepare and Reflect/Heal steps of the Emotional Fitness Model.
  • Expand the range of emotions that you can identify and are willing to feel.  See the atlasofemotions.org for a list of emotions. 
  • Bring compassion to the parts of you that have not fully healed.