Average Emotional Fitness

Score:  28 - 41

You trust your mind more than your heart. You have a limited range of emotions that you are aware of and that you are comfortable with expressing/feeling. Your reaction to life’s challenges causes you to ruminate, or even lash out at others.  While you may have experienced the benefits of working with your emotions, you have beliefs about expressing emotion that are self-sabotaging. Your level of trust with others (and vice versa) varies based on circumstances and personalities.

Here are some ways to become more emotionally fit:

  • Expand the range of emotions that you can identify and are willing to feel.  See the atlasofemotions.org for a list of emotions. 
  • Strengthen your ability to self-regulate with regularly scheduled “resets” (e.g., short walk, meditation).
  • Log your emotions on a daily basis, as a way to become more aware and comfortable with your emotions.