Is a Leadership Opportunity Calling For a Better You?

Big opportunities often require going into unknown territory, where chaos is always just around the corner.  When this happens, it's easy to: 

  • Spend too much time ruminating, wasting your precious energy and attention
  • Get tripped up by limiting beliefs and let yourself stew in the emotions of fear and/or anxiety 
  • Take things personally and be defensive, and as a result, damage key relationships and erode trust

Whether it's stepping up to a new role, starting a business, or addressing a leadership challenge, emotional fitness can help you be your best self, day in and day out.  


Clients report the following results from becoming emotionally fit:

  • Operating successfully as a leader in their industry and nationally recognized for pioneering work in their field
  • Creating more trusting, collaborative work relationships
  • Bouncing back from setbacks quickly
  • Developing highly productive teams
  • Letting go of fear and anxiety and stepping into courage, authority, freedom, and joy
  • Feeling more grounded, whole, and confident
  • Not taking things personally, enabling creative problem-solving

Listen to this audio of a past client, who went from feeling bullied to feeling empowered.

Client Testimonial
Anne Sorensen

I had hit a wall that I was having a hard time climbing around or over, and I was tired of my own limitations.

I learned how to identify, feel and be comfortable with an entire range of emotions. As simple as that sounds, it was not my native language after a childhood that tamped down any expression of feelings, aside from a tepid "happy".  

By owning all of my emotions, the full range, I am not so afraid of the world, and use the innate intelligence that my emotions bring to inform my decisions. For example, until doing this work, I thought that anger was this explosive oxygen-sucking heat in the room. Now, I understand that it is a reasoned response to an unreasonable situation.

The "material" comes up every day, and I have the opportunity to work with it and grow stronger. Instead of living in fear, I now have courage and faith. It is awfully nice to feel grounded in my being, complete and whole.

Anne Sorensen, Non-Profit Executive

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