Are You Disengaged, Disgruntled, and Disillusioned?
  • Do Sunday evenings suck as much as Monday mornings?
  • Are you resentful and angry about spending one more day in a place that drains the life out of you?
  • Do you secretly wish you would get laid off?
taking charge

If any of the above situations resonate, emotional fitness can help you love Monday mornings again. Clients report the following benefits:

  • A sense of well-being, eagerness, optimism and freedom, even though circumstances have not changed
  • More productivity, engagement and fun at work
  • “Challenging” situations are addressed with ease

This is very deep and soul-searching work. I feel like I am back in touch with who I am at my core. My life situation hasn’t changed, but my reaction to it has totally shifted. I am now able to productively assess my emotions and motivations (or demotivations) and course-correct as necessary. I have a more robust suite of practical tools to help me get unstuck. I’m gentler with myself, too.

Robin Pruitt

Client Testimonial
Tim Wise

Sunday nights were miserable. They ruined my whole weekend. 

Now, Sunday night has become just another evening.  I don’t have to “get ready” for Monday morning. It’s what it should be. When you’re off, you want to do things with your family on the weekend. You should feel free to do that. 90% of the time I do.

It’s remarkable. I don’t worry about engaging in work until Monday morning, when it’s time to go to work. It’s been a huge shift for me.  The weekends are so much more pleasurable.

Tim Wise, Supply Chain Leader

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