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In Episode 24, Carol talks with Sean Harvey, a writer, speaker, and consultant to a new narrative around creating a healthier balance of the integrated masculine and feminine to transform people, cultures, and systems. He is the former head of Personal Transformation and Wellbeing for EILEEN FISHER.

What would workplaces look like if women ruled the world? You’ll get an inside look, as Carol and Sean discuss his past work at EILEEN FISHER, an employee-owned company consisting of 83% women and 17% men. It’s rare that a company says on your first day of work, “You don’t need to prove yourself. Rather, we want you to bring all of yourself and your humanity to work.” But that’s exactly how Sean started his first day. You’ll also hear how Sean’s facilitation of deep transformational work for employees at EILEEN FISHER led to his own transformation, and the next chapter of his work with The Compassion Masculinity Project. We wrap up by talking about the value of using both head and heart, masculine and feminine energies in the workplace.

Sean Harvey is the Chief Compassion Officer & Founder of Symponia Studios and The Compassionate Masculinity Project.  His work in personal, organizational, and culture transformation is informed by 20 years of talent and organization development consulting experience and a decade of college teaching experience at Cornell, NYU, and Baruch College CUNY in the areas Organizational Behavior and Change. He works specifically with men to find their authentic voice, connect more deeply with themselves and the world, and live a life of purpose.

For more information on Sean please visit his website: symponiastudios.com




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