Teaser for Episode 16

In Episode 16, Host Carol Ross speaks with Jeremy May, President of the Asset Servicing Division of Denver-based ALPS Holdings, Inc – a leading provider of innovative investment products and customized servicing solutions to the financial services industry, with over 700 employees. In 2015, Jeremy introduced meditation at a company leadership retreat. Since then, he has introduced a program of mindful practices and workshops to fellow leaders at the company, helping to cultivate a culture of mindfulness and compassionate leadership. From the simple act of meditation to a cultural shift toward compassion for others, their conversation revolves around a deep care for others. Listen in for a grounded conversation about the concepts of servant leadership, holding a holistic view of work, and bringing greater humanity to the workplace. Jeremy’s five guiding principles are:

1.    Seeks to serve in every Mindful Moment.

  1. Demonstrates compassion for self and others.
  2. Listens and responds with heart and head.
  3. Observes thoughts and deeds without judgment.
  4. Lives in a state of gratitude.

Jeremy May’s Email: Jeremy.may@alpsinc.com


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