Pamela Mattsson – Episode 5 rebroadcast

In this rebroadcast of Episode 5 of Sacred Conversation On Work host Carol Ross speaks with Pamela Mattsson, a Senior Executive Development Leader and an Executive Coach who has lived in France, Switzerland, the United States, and Sweden. Pamela currently works with leaders at a large organization that transforms the way the world shops. The company expects to have over 1 million people working for it over the next few years, and Pamela’s role is to be a disrupter that makes sure the leaders and human beings that work there thrive. She is a self-described “student of human resilience,” and she works with leaders to navigate the complexities of being human without the shame. Pamela believes that we are all hardwired to be successful and belong. Listen in to this passionate conversation to learn what it means to interact with others “soul to soul, not role to role,” find out the most underleveraged part of an organization, dive deep into how to view emotions in the workplace as wisdom not something to be managed, and discover what it means to be a conscious leader.

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