Above Average Emotional Fitness

Score:  42 - 55

You are open to working with your emotions and have some awareness of your emotions. While you feel some emotions, there are other emotions that you suppress, avoid or use inappropriately with others. In the midst of life’s challenges, you may ruminate or feel stuck at times. Setbacks take time to recover from, but eventually dissipate. Co-workers view you as approachable, but can sense something is off when you are dealing with adversity.

Here are some ways to become more emotionally fit:

  • Expand the range of emotions that you can identify and are willing to feel.  See the atlasofemotions.org for a list of emotions. 
  • Strengthen your ability to self-regulate with regularly scheduled “resets” (e.g., short walk, meditation).
  • At the beginning of each day, identify potential “hot spots”. These are events in your schedule where you could get triggered (e.g., a client meeting or a conference call to make an important decision). Bring your awareness to your emotions during those potential “hot spots”.