Low Emotional Fitness

Score: 14 - 27

You lack awareness of your emotions and have a limited ability to identify and feel your emotions. It’s likely that your emotions have been disruptive or caused harm to yourself and/or others. Dealing with life’s challenges can feel overwhelming. When you have a setback, it’s difficult to recover. Colleagues, managers, and direct reports are wary of working with you when you are under stress.

Here are some ways to start becoming emotionally fit:

  • Work on identifying your emotions. Research shows that just being able to name your emotions has health benefits. See the atlasofemotions.org for a list of emotions. 
  • Strengthen your ability to self-regulate with regularly scheduled “resets” (e.g., short walk, meditation).
  • Log your emotions on a daily basis, as a way to become more aware and comfortable with your emotions.
  • When you are stuck, notice what you tell yourself about feeling your emotions.